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About the implementation of the power cord other
2011-06-07 20:14:19

About the implementation of the power cord other

About the implementation of the power cord other
1, resistance to UV light
In the exchange of 720 hours after the enforcement of the arc and rain, stretched before and after the implementation of the sample * rate, tensile strength of not less than the failure to implement 80% of the sample measurements, the implementation of the type used in "W" outdoor grade wire and cable (collecting single , case, parallel lines).
2, the implementation of immersion oil
Temperature of the sample must be immersed in a particular oil, will time situation, strong resistance after soaking the sample strength, tensile rate should be soaked before the confrontation in the value of the sample test will percentage.
3, the insulating layer implemented tightness
Holiday lights into a single conductor wire insulation structure closely parallels the degree and all the tightness of the conductor insulation of the two implemented methods. Sheathed cable is no such requirement. For example: XTW line, the first interception of wire and an 11 inches, the intermediate insulating vertical incision, a single conductor wire structure, reference implementation can CXTW line.
4, the surface degree of implementation of robust printing
Is divided into before and after aging, the aging degree of the implementation of robust. Produced in line testing and UL field testing are used before the aging test. The tests are used to send samples after aging test.
Briquetting load 450g, end 25 * 50mm, the test surface is velvet, three in the surface of the printing surface without missing reciprocating friction, introspection printing can peel off.
5, tensile practice
About 18AWG and 17AWG power lines, and sheathed cable extension *, can vouch for the rules to bear the load in 1 minute, should not break the line of the inner core.
6, the sheath surface insulation resistance
Sheath surface clean lines, 0.5 inches apart between the two copper electrodes applied voltage 500V DC for 1 minute, the insulation resistance should be greater than confrontation 100M.

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