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  • Reasons for the heating of the power plug

    Reasons for the heating of the power plug The power plug in the process of using fever is a common phenomenon, such as the most common mobile phone charger, when your mobile phone when charging, charging time to pull the plug, you will find the plug of the charger is very hot, so what is the reason for the plug in the process of using fever? People say the so-called prevent hair hot hot, in fact, insert the connection so that the production process in the power cord plug in the plug connection to work, to meet the strict, no stack, no twists and turns, no crack, no high surface low, as far as possible the perfect power plug to do. Different punching and punching, through a variety of different sizes, different shapes to operate the mold. To condemnation, what kind of mold with insert what, if inserted to rush to die for other types of correspondence, there will be loose and bare copper, so we must correspond to the production. As a kind of South Africa power plug, the terminal is relatively large, we need a thicker wire to fix, but if the customer requirements of the wire diameter is relatively small, how to deal with that? Can increase the copper stripping length, and then folded copper, in order to increase the crude copper wire, so that it can be firmly won't live terminal, loose, also the next production process. For example, the British assembly plug in the work, we must pay attention to the first part of the copper wire package, and then the steps of assembly. In the assembly process, should pay attention to the power line plug to plug in length, should also pay attention to tightening screws, then plug loose on the lower cover will move. All in all, find the cause of the plug heating, if not the reason for the current overload, that is the reason for the plug itself. [View Details]
  • Standard qiaopu power cord is what constitutes

    Standard qiaopu power cord is what constitutes Whether it is for family life or work environment, qiaopu power cord can be said of us in everyday life and work will encounter a daily necessities. For the kinds of common everyday items provides a lot of convenience for my production life, but also allows us to make better use of electricity. However, when it comes to the internal structure of qiaopu power lines, we do not necessarily know. In fact, every one standard qiaopu power cord, mainly constituted by three parts. These three main components of the protective cover, respectively, the inner conductor and the outer protective sleeve. The three main components of a qualified power cord. And each part plays a different role. First, the outer protective sleeve It actually plays the role of protecting power lines, so the outer protective sleeve has a high heat resistance, low temperature, can interfere with natural light and against the life of very higher characteristics. Second, the inner sheath It is actually an insulating jacket for cable wrap is there between the shield wire core layer of material, usually made ​​from PVC and other materials of. We can say that it is a part of an integral part of the power lines. Without it, we can not guarantee the safety of the power line is energized. This is why the wires are not the reason for the leakage. In general, the inner protective sleeve are insulated jacket, because between the outer jacket and insert the conductor, so the material is also very soft. Third, the conductor portion of the power cord qiaopu Are generally made ​​of metal wires of copper or aluminum and other materials to act. But the most common is the use of copper acts as a conductor. And the quality of the relationship between the density of the size of the copper wire with power lines are very close, we can say, a good qiaopu power cord, the number of its copper Flexibility must be up to standard. [View Details]
  • Qiaopu teach you how to test the quality of the power cord

    Qiaopu teach you how to test the quality of the power cord After careful investigation of the market that is now in life , we all know the power cord, which is , after such products allow people to have a life becomes very simple life among the more common products , but through this the survey said that , we all know what is the power cord, but if you ask how to be able to check out the quality of such products is not a problem , is it not normal and so on , and some consumers are very confused they do not know how to check , there are a lot of friends are asking these questions on the network , in this Qiaopu explain in detail for everyone . First, in the purchase of the power cord when , for safety reasons , before we buy , must look at this home appliance brand products have no quality certification , this time you will ask why there are no qualified appliance look certificate it? We must have this question in doubt , in this QIAOPU tell you the reason to do so , because as long as the quality appliances clearance , then , for the power cord must be checked for quality , normal, not What problems. Second, check the power cord is not qualified when , this time we can check the cross-section , if the qualified products , then qualified copper or aluminum surface of the product will have a lot of metallic luster , if you look the surface appears to be black , or if there is a case of white , then it is sufficient proof of the product because it is oxidized , and the Ministry of such products are qualified products. Furthermore, check the power cord is not qualified , there is a focus on appearance is too look at the situation , this method is very simple , if you are qualified products , then , there will be a certain toughness , there will be a certain degree of elasticity , there will be some smooth, insulation such products must be good quality, but off if so, there will be crisp, no toughness , and so on . In a matter of Qiaopu often encountered in the production process , that is, we need to look at the length of the power cord , different appliances in the use of the product, but also for the required length of certain requirements of the decoration when, in order to be able to choose the appropriate power cord , then you can consult staff at the time of renovation . How to test the quality of the power cord it? Knowledge for everyone introduced here, the power cord is very humble device , but when in use , many people do not care about these issues , if not mind , it would directly affect the people living in this area health and safety , the details will continue to introduce this knowledge . [View Details]
  • Safety of household electricity, starting from the power cord

    Safety of household electricity, starting from the power cord Now each family cannot do without electricity, television sets, refrigerators and other household appliances all cannot do without electricity. But because the electricity is improper and incidents are beyond count. These incidents, many are related with power cord. Because once the damage will cause fire, if not timely remedy would be serious consequences. Therefore, electric home security, it is necessary to know the power cord, and do a good job protection and warranty. The general power cord function is for electrical power and normal use, the planning is not messy, is the three level programming, the inner core, the inner sheath and the outer sheath. The inner core, the first is used to electrically conductive copper wire, copper wire thickness will directly affect the electric power, of course material will also affect the electrical power, now even the conductivities are very good silver and gold as the core, but the price is expensive, mostly used in the national defense science and technology aspects, rarely used in the household electricity; inner sheath, the material is polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene plastic, with the usual use of plastic bags is a material, but the thickness is thicker, the primary role is insulated, because the plastic is an excellent insulator, in family life, sometimes the separation will contrast moist, this part can prevent the inner sheath the core of moist, in addition, plastics can be isolated from the air to prevent the inner core copper oxidation by oxygen in the air; the outer layer is the outer sheath, sheath role with the inner sheath is similar, but the outer sheath to function very well, because the outer sheath is in direct contact with the external environment, direct protection of power cord safety, need the the compressive strength, wear, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistant, natural light, resistant to fatigue damage, material life, environmental protection material, so choose the outer sheath It is necessary to choose according to the practice work environment. Know to household power cord form, to learn how to prevent the risk of household electricity, need to pay attention to in the household electricity usual: try to household appliances on the ventilation monotonous local placement, prevent moisture damage cord; household appliances operation condition in time, it is necessary to cut off the power supply; not excessive use of household appliances to prevent the cord, work overload, overheating and burning the fire; not in the thunderstorm climate using electrical appliances, prevent because of lightning and power cord damage causing serious consequences; always punctual check cord and the outer sheath of the outer sheath, once damaged, replacement is necessary, otherwise it will have the leakage electric shock hazard. The outlet cord; pay attention to supporting the use, need no damage or short circuit, short circuit and the circuit to prevent because the socket burn. At the end, need tips, each family needs careful treatment of electricity this question, only need to take preventive measures, do the usual protection and repair work, family life can be protected. [View Details]
  • Power cord widget application involving many fields

    Power cord widget application involving many fields The Power cord you must be familiar with the name. Plug style we see in life is similar, but it is used in a variety of electrical equipment. Incandescent lamp is basic to complex one TV set, refrigerator and so on all need to plug. Mobile phone, computer and other commonly used equipment will also use the plug. If classified according to plug applications, it can be divided into many types. The first point, household Power cord. When it comes to household appliances, kitchen appliances have only. The pressure cooker, electric cooker, microwave oven, electric cooker and so on are all need to plug and socket connection before use. Look at the household cleaning products, air purifier, air cleaner, washing machine, must use the plug. If there is no plug can not connected with a power supply, not to mention the room clean. TV, DVD players, projectors and other entertainment equipment also need to plug. Therefore, the plug is widely applied. Second, office area. In the office use electrical appliances more. Now any industry office will use the socket and the Power cord. The most basic office equipment is the computer, printer and copier. These three are all plugged in to use. Then some professional office equipment is the conference room projector, video equipment. In addition, in order to guarantee the employees can have a comfortable working environment, air conditioning is the necessary office equipment. All products containing these electrical plug. Third, industrial workshop. Production workshop electric system is very professional. Large-scale production workshop has a lot of electrical equipment. Electric welding machine, cutting machine, grinder, lathe and so on all to professional needs and supply connection after use. Power system normal relationship to the production workshop is working. And connecting devices and power system requires the Power cord. Plug any equipment malfunction can cause production pause. Fourth, the medical field. It is easier to understand. Each hospital, not only all guarantee a complete medical equipment, but also guarantee the 24 hour never blackout. The hospital inspection equipment and power connections need to use. These devices not only have the Power cord, the plug must also very good performance to ensure that the equipment used for a longer time. Of course, these are not all of the application. Hotel, hotel, KTV and other places of entertainment, shopping malls and so on will all use power, also have a large number of plug. In fact, can be said that the Power cord have long been used in all fields, the use of any field cannot do without plug. As long as the use of electricity, will use the plug. This paper to the technical department Ningbo Qiaopu Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. [View Details]
  • Power cord export-related knowledge

    Power cord export commodity inspection Export power Cable inspection , the need to provide information about : providing a declaration, in the form of invoices, sales contracts , packing list and proxy , type test report ( type test report is China 's official , there is no other alternative certification must be provided , type test reports do generally require two months' time , if there is information missing middle supplemented information requires a longer time , so please do it as soon as possible . estimated cost 8000RMB less ) For export inspection process is as follows : 1 , commodity inspection agencies accepted . First person to fill the post-mortem report , " export inspection application" , and provide the relevant documents and information, such as foreign trade contracts , letters of credit , the results of a single original factory inspection , etc. ; inspection agencies to meet the requirements after reviewing these documents , the admissibility of the batch inspection of goods ; If there are undesirable , could require the applicant to supplement or amend the terms . 2 , sampling . Be chaired by the commodity inspection authorities send personnel , depending on the form of goods , to take a random sampling sample . Inspection should provide inventory locations situation and work with the inspection staff to do the sampling . 3 , test. Inspection department can use a variety of techniques from the palace to sense chemical analysis , instrumental analysis , etc., of export commodities inspection, inspection forms are self- test inspection , joint inspection inspection, testing and origin Mill inspection . 4 , the issue of the certificate. The commodity inspection authorities for inspection of goods issue inspection certificates , or " export declaration " on the stamp release chapter . After obtaining export enterprise certificate of inspection or release notice , within a specified period of validity reported exported. power Cable inspection of HS Code : 8544422100 Power cord export certification related Commodity exports as long as the power cord can pass off, but generally the importer will have their own client state certification requirements , elaborate below the corresponding national certification requirements ! 1 , China : power Cable in our domestic sales , also have to comply with China Compulsory Certification System , referred to as CCC or CQC 2 , Germany : The power cord is exported to Germany VDE certification , VDE directly involved in the German national standards, is one of the most commonly used in Europe in general most experienced enjoy a high reputation in the world of certification bodies. There are also GS or CE etc. 3 , France: France needs to have the power cord exit NF certification , NF is the French standard code , introduced in 1938 , which is the French Association for Standardization regulatory agencies (AFNOR). 4 , UK: Britain's most popular export power cord is BS certification. British Standards Institution (BS) The world's first national standards bodies . UK government to recognize and support the non-profit civil society organizations . Standard power cord in the British Standards Institution (BS) which are running : BS1363 / 1 standard , in addition to the implementation of this standard ASTA and so is British certification body. 5, United States : The power cord must be exported to the U.S. UL certification, exports to the U.S. and other countries is different, but also need to have UL certification labels , UL certification label is a mark after inspection by a UL certified company checks issued stickers, is a symbol of the quality of clearance . L is the U.S. Underwriters Laboratories (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) Shorthand . UL safety test of America's most authoritative , but also in security testing and identification of large private institutions in the world. 6 , Australia: Australia's exports of power Cables need to have SAA certification , SAA certification standards bodies as the Australian Standards Association of Australian 's certification, so many of my friends called the Australian certification SAA. There are also C-Tick , are Australian standard testing organizations , New Zealand and Australia to perform the same standards ! 7 , Japan: The power cord must be exported to Japan PES certification , PSE certification is Japan compulsory safety certification for electrical and electronic products have been proved by NEC and Material Safety Law (DENAN Law) or the international safety standard IEC test standards . 8 , South Korea : The power cord must be exported to South Korea South Korea KTL certification requirements , in order to enable consumers to understand more clearly marked on the product purchased certification marks , and product manufacturers to reduce the burden of various certification costs, Korea Technical Standards Institute ( KATS) August 20, 2008 announced January 1, 2009 introduced a new certification system KC (Korea Certification) certification. (KC certification upgrade from the original transition from KTL certification bodies ! 9 , Brazil: Brazilian exports need a power cord INMETRO certification , INMETRO certification as well as an abbreviated UC certification , INMETRO Brazil 's national accreditation bodies (Accreditation Body), responsible for developing the Brazilian national standards. Most of the Brazilian product standards IEC and ISO standards, require manufacturers to export to Brazil in the design of the product should refer to the two sets of standards. Nonetheless, due to geographical and historical reasons, many close to the United States, Brazil, the provinces and then use any American UL standard power cord . 10 , Italy: Italy need a power cord Italy iIMQ export certification . IMQ is the Italian acronym for hospital quality mark , Italy in Europe, and Germany belong to the EU member states and is based IMQ IMQ certification VDE certification standards established Gu part VDE certified power cord products are also sold in Italy can use ! 11 , Switzerland: Swiss exports need a power cord Swiss SGS certification, 12 , South Africa : The power cord is the need for export to South Africa South Africa, SABS certification or SABS standard test report , the National Standards Authority of South Africa (South African Bureau of Standards, SABS) is based on the 1945 promulgated the " National Standards Law" established case of South Africa DTI affiliates . If you have a South African SABS test report , then your product will be sold in South Africa , the people of South Africa can be accredited test reports ! ! India, South Africa is also the same with the same big big pin power cord ! In addition to this , we have a lot like the Netherlands, KEMA certification, Belgium IBSBI certification, Norway Nemko and so on. However, most of these countries as well as most certification are based on the German VDE certification standards established Gu have VDE certification can be sold in these countries. [View Details]
  • Plug the power cord national standards

    Plug the power cord national standards   China standard power cord 227IEC42(RVB)2×0.5mm² 6A250V 227IEC42(RVB)2×0.75mm² 6A250V 227IEC52(RVV)2×0.5mm² 6A250V 227IEC52(RVV)2×0.75mm² 6A250V                 227IEC52(RVV) 2×0.75mm² 6A250V 227IEC53(RVV) 2×0.75mm² 6A250V 227IEC53(RVV) 2×1.0mm² 10A250V                 227IEC52(RVV)3×0.5mm² 6A250V 227IEC52(RVV)3×0.75mm² 6A250V 227IEC53(RVV)3×0.75mm² 6A250V 227IEC53(RVV)3×1.0mm² 10A250V                     227IEC52(RVV)3×0.5mm² 6A250V 227IEC52(RVV)3×0.75mm² 6A250V 227IEC53(RVV)3×0.75mm² 6A250V 227IEC53(RVV)3×1.0mm² 10A250V     227IEC53(RVV)3×1.0mm² 10A250V 227IEC53(RVV)3×1.5mm² 10A250V 227IEC53(YZ)3×1.5mm² 10A250V 227IEC53(YZW)3×1.5mm² 10A250V   European standard power cord                       H03VVH2 -F 2X0.5mm² 2.5A250V H03VVH2 -F 2X0.75mm² 2.5A250V H03VV -F 2X0.5mm² 2.5A250V H03VV -F 2X0.75mm² 2.5A250V H05VVH2 -F 2X0.75mm² 10A250V H05VVH2 -F 2X1.0mm² 10A250V H05VV -F 2X0.75mm² 10A250V H05VV -F 2X1.0mm² 10A250V                       H05VVH2 -F 2X1.0mm² 10/16A250V H05VV -F 2X0.75mm² 10/16A250V H05VV -F 2X1.0mm² 10/16A250V                       H03VV -F 3G0.5mm² 10/16A250V H03VV -F 3G0.75mm² 10/16A250V H05VV -F 3G0.75mm² 10/16A250V H05VV -F 3G1.0mm² 10/16A250V H05VV -F 3G1.5mm² 10/16A250V                           H03VV -F 3G0.5mm² 10/16A250V H03VV -F 3G0.75mm² 10/16A250V H05VV -F 3G0.75mm² 10/16A250V H05VV -F 3G1.0mm² 10/16A250V H05VV -F 3G1.5mm² 10/16A250V                             227IEC52(RVV) 3X0.75mm² 10A250V 227IEC53(RVV) 3X0.75mm² 10A250V 227IEC53(RVV) 3X1.0mm² 10A250V H03VV -F 3G0.75mm² 6A250V H05VV -F 3G0.75mm² 10A250V H05VV -F 3G1.0mm² 10A250V                             227IEC52(RVV) 3X0.75mm² 10A250V 227IEC53(RVV) 3X0.75mm² 10A250V 227IEC53(RVV) 3X1.0mm² 10A250V H03VV -F 3G0.75mm² 6A250V H05VV -F 3G0.75mm² 10A250V H05VV -F 3G1.0mm² 10A250V   Australian standard power cord                           H05VVH2 -F 2X0.75mm² 7.5A250V H05VV -F 2X0.75mm² 7.5A250V H05VV -F 2X1.0mm² 10A250V                       H05VV -F 3G0.75mm² 7.5A250V H05VV -F 3G1.0mm² 10A250V H05VV -F 3G1.5mm² 15A250V   U.S. standard power cord                         SPT-1 18AWG/2C SPT-2 18AWG/2C SPT-2 16AWG/2C SPT-3 18AWG/2C SPT-3 16AWG/2C SVT 18AWG/2C SVT 17AWG/2C NISPT-1 18AWG/2C NISPT-2 18AWG/2C                       SPT-1 18AWG/3C SPT-2 18AWG-16AWG/3C SPT-3 18AWG-16AWG/3C SVT 18AWG- 17AWG/3C SVT 18AWG-17AWG/3C ST 18AWG-16AWG/3C SJT 18AWG-16AWG/3C   Japan Standard power cord                     VFF 2X0.75mm² 7A125V VCTF 2X0.75mm² 7A125V VCTFK 2X0.75mm² 7A125V   Israel, South Africa, the UK power plug                         H03VV-F 3G0.75mm² H05VV-F 3G0.75mm² H05VV-F 3G1.0mm² H05VV-F 3G1.5mm²                             H03VV-F 3G0.75mm² H05VV-F 3G0.75mm² H05VV-F 3G1.0mm² H05VV-F 3G1.5mm² [View Details]
  • Mainframe computer power cord

    Host power cord Host generally refers to the main chassis computer , there are many modules, respectively, motherboards, hard drives , line cards , CD boxes , etc. These are all internal modules , by the host power supply to these modules , with each module and the host power supply connected , we are professional at call DC power cord, also called the DC power cord, and from an external source ( ie public electricity ) to the host power supply cord , which we call the AC power cord, also called the AC power cord . Host power cord and power cord interoperable many household appliances such as rice cookers power cord , LCD TV's power cord, the majority of the printer's power lines. Host AC power cord Host AC power cord, also called the AC power cord , the main function is to host power supply, connect one end of the host , while the other section is connected to the socket and civilian , and sometimes a global computer products , so the host AC power cord there are a lot of learning design and production of the above , there is a connection between the three core wire called male we will connect with the socket , called the female connected to the host , male and female , let's look at the specific next ! Female host AC power cord Due to the popularity of the computer is a global product , which countries need to use the computer , the computer has been inseparable from our daily life , and the computer will follow the flow of human activities around the world , so we designed a worldwide computer unified female plug plug, and gave him to establish a standard , called the International IEC_60320 standard power plug , the host computer AC power cord is the female with the IEC standard IEC 60320 C-13 plug. Male hosts AC power cord Also because of the popularity of the computer is a global product , which countries need to use the computer , and each country will have different shapes like the AC power cord plugs, and each country has different certification standards , the country is currently the world's most used Germany shape VDE power cord , as well as American UL standard power cord male, Australia SAA standard AC power cord male, British BSi standard power cord male and China CCC / CQC standard power cord male, of course, we want to talk about our focus on China 's AC power cord male, China there are four different power cord male, namely: Continental male power cord , power cord male Hong Kong , Macao and male power cord , as well as Taiwan power line male . The reason why China has four standard , this is closely linked with the history , so our AC power cord male British standard British male power cord , and AC power cord male Macau using the German power cord male ( Portugal using German power cord ) , Taiwan, using American power cord male . We believe we can also see some of the history from the power cord to the male form of each of the above areas ! Also several places to remind our friends over or when traveling elsewhere in the world , please coupled with corresponding male power cord , so to not be able to use some of the local electrical equipment ! World AC power cord male form ! [View Details]
  • Universal rubber plastic power cord and use the advantages of the structural characteristics

    Universal rubber plastic power cord and use the advantages of the structural characteristics Structural features 1 , Scope: Installation cable connections and internal AC rated voltage 450/750V power, lighting , electrical equipment , instrumentation and telecommunication equipment. 2 , laying the occasion and manner : Indoor and communication channel for surface , along the wall or overhead laying the tunnel ; outdoor aerial installation , wearing iron pipe or plastic pipe laying , electrical equipment, instruments and radio equipment laying , both fixed installation ; plastic sheathed power cord can be buried in soil laying. 3, the general requirements: economic and durable, simple structure. 4 , special requirements : 1 ) outdoor laying, affected by sunlight , rain and freezing conditions , requiring resistance to atmospheric , especially resistant to sunlight aging ; hardy in cold regions have requested ; 2 ) use, vulnerable to external damage or flammable , very many occasions in contact with oil should wear tube ; wear tubes, subject to greater tension power lines , and scratched possible measures should be taken to lubrication ; 3 ) as the electrical equipment for internal use , the installation location when small , should have a certain softness and requires a clear separation insulated core , should be compatible with the corresponding connector terminals and plugs so convenient and reliable connection ; For electromagnetic demanding applications should be shielded power cord ; 4 ) For higher ambient temperatures occasions , rubber sheathed power cord should be used ; For special applications in high temperature resistant rubber cord. The advantages of using 1 , the guide wire core power : as the power, lighting and electrical equipment inside the installation , priority using copper , a large section of the wire should be used to squeeze cores ; fixed installation conductors generally use Class 1 or Class 2 conductor structure. 2 , insulation: insulating material is generally made ​​of natural rubber styrene-butadiene , polyvinyl chloride , polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride nitrile compound other four ; heat power line 90 ℃ temperature of polyvinyl chloride . 3 , Jacket: PVC sheathing materials generally have , hardy PVC , termite PVC , black polyethylene , neoprene rubber and other five . Particularly hardy and outdoor aerial installation should use black polyethylene and neoprene sheath power cord. In an external force , corrosion , moisture and other environmental , can be rubber or plastic sheath power cord. [View Details]
  • Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co.LTD, let the power cord more professional

    Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co.LTD, let the power cord more professional Power cord is a very common product, and open homes, offices, public places, construction sites, etc. all can think of where it could be seen in the figure, it is indeed a good helper in our lives. Products, though very small, but it relates to our security. I would like to share, between me and the story of the power cord plug, the plug may tell you to buy cheaper plans must not, be sure to choose quality guaranteed. My family life is much less wealthy, so when buying a house can be said to run to the home of all before repairing one, everywhere should spend money, so everywhere have savings. Everyone says renovation where are not the province, whether it is because of health, or because of quality and safety. However, I was really no money, but also do not understand this in terms of knowledge, so when I purchase cables and power cord of these things, I still cheaper to buy a quality map of the sub-products. I think these wires should not be a big change it, so do not go with the care of these things. But then, after a good house decoration, the problem came out, because the installation of the wire can not be reached load requirements, so the family often short, or just bring it up, even once also lines to burn, and my regret ah, the original fitting master has also been mentioned to me to change the line suggested, but I did not listen. Too late to say anything now, had to rework the replacement, not only does the rest of the money, but can even increased my fees. This time I can grow a lesson, be sure to buy quality first power cord, so I bought a professional to do the plug QIAOPU company's products, because Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Co.LTD, can be said that no one in the whole country is basically I do not know him, buy plug QIAOPU become the industry preferred slogan, so I chose QIAOPU assured. Product quality is all the considerations listed in the mandatory requirements before the project, only the quality assurance, use only when safer, consumers will be more assured purchase. QIAOPU company in pursuit of perfection, the ultimate is the ultimate goal, so that the power cord can bloom Ambilight, QIAOPU's products are now all over the north and south, and even abroad, are also common. I knew there QIAOPU such a good product, it will not be the case, and in this also reminds consumers do not plug this little thing to buy for granted, do not mind, may appear dangerous incidents more harm than good, regret too late. [View Details]

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